Armani Tweet Talks No. 2 - Fashion and Sports

Armani has begun a series of online conversations between fashion experts and the general public on various fashion-focused topics. This is a great opportunity to voice one's opinion to those who cater for our fashion needs and wants, and the most recent topic of conversation was Fashion & Sports, coinciding with the start of the Olympic Games.
I voiced my opinion about how sports has influenced fashion design throughout the years, and to reiterate what I said, and to sum up what I talked about the most during the conversation - I think we are more inclined to buy sportswear in the spirit of the Games, and fashion has definitely played a role in sportswear in terms of the relationship between the beautification of the body that working out and playing sports does and how fashion aims to create a functional piece for the body. Does anyone agree? Feel free to comment down below!

The fashion experts I most relate to from the panel are:

Dylan Jones, Editor of British GQ. Mr. Jones is an experienced and well-renowned fashion magazine editor, being the Editor-in-Chief for my beloved magazines such as i-D, GQ and Arena

Jeremy Langmead, Editor-in-Chief of online high fashion menswear boutique and magazine, Mr Porter. Mr Porter is the go to place for high end menswear, stocking designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and the like. In addition to being a boutique experiencing high demand, the site features an online zine for the fashion conscious man to look through.

Tony Lewis, the founder of Spashion, probably being the most relevant to this particular discussion. Tony has opened the public's eye to the relationship between sports and fashion, or in other words, the movement and function of the body and durable, functional and high quality fashion. It is with great thanks to Tony that the Sports Luxe fashion trend has emerged in both womens and menswear.

Now, a question to you, what do you think about the relationship between fashion and sports?

Images courtesy of Armani

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