The Gucci Artisan Corner - Sydney

My special invite to the Gucci Artisan Corner
Gucci's artisans are travelling the world, and are giving fashion media a chance to witness their famous bamboo bags come to life right before their eyes. I was lucky enough to see these skilled craftsmen and women create such an iconic handbag, probably the first ever handbag designed with consideration for the environment and for the human rights of workers within a high fashion label.

Designs of what the artisans can choose from making 
A close up look at the designs
The design board, with the anaconda and python skins and ostrich and cow leathers

Before the artisans started their work, one of the artisans explained to us the processes involved in creating the bamboo bag. I learnt so much from this woman, she had such a passion in her voice and you can tell she loves her work as an artisan. First of all, the bag takes 2 days to make, so the small group of us who were there could only see the first half of the overall creation of the bags. 

The bag has many variations, based on the type of skin or leather used, and the bamboo handles are different in each bag that is made, due to the burning and glazing process that is undertaken with care for each bag. The glaze used for the handles are derived from the bamboo husk, and this process dates back to 3000 years ago, and is also the colorant for the Red Coats' uniform. 

The artisans hard at work
Each artisan specializes in every process of creation of the bag

The bamboo handles, mold, resin and colorant

It was a wonderful experience watching these skilled artisans bring together a bag that represents the beginning of the possibilities of bamboo within the fashion industry. Seeing all the work that goes into a fine bag makes me appreciate more the skills which fashion designers have, I am so thankful for this experience. 

On a final note, the artisans also had on board an embosser, who uses 24 carat gold leaf or silver leaf - your choice - to emboss your Gucci wallet, bag or belt for free... Oh how I wish I possessed any type of Gucci leather!

All images taken by me

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