Sustainable Style

I've recently just finished reading Shaping Sustainable Fashion by Alison Gwilt and Timo Rissanen, and is a read I'd definitely recommend to anyone in the fashion industry. The book is separated into chapters which explain how sustianable and eco-friendly practices can be incorporated into the fashion design process, and has profiles on many sustainable and eco-friendly fashion labels, including the one and only Maison Martin Margiela! From reading this I have learned how to be more sustainable on my part as a fashion consumer, with the wonderful ideas and real life stories of people in the fashion industry slowing down fashion, refashioning garments, and even "upcycling" garments they had no use for anymore. Since I am also studying Sustainable Design this term, this book has helped me, and the combination of what I learn in class and what I have learnt from this book, I will definitely be more aware of what my actions can impact on the environment and society as a whole. Oh and don't mind the Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Male" card, it's just a bookmark!

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