Bad move, Mr. Gaultier

The resemblance is uncanny

Image courtesy of artinfo
The legendary Jean Paul Gaultier unveiled a most controversial collection, featuring models who no doubt resembled the late and great Amy Winehouse. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore Jean Paul Gaultier's work, and the ability to cause controversy is one of his forte's, but I thought this show lacked taste and courtesy. 

The craftsmanship of the Haute Couture line is undeniable, but pairing the ensembles with the sensational singer's signature Beehive and winged eyeshadow was brave, especially since the death of Amy is still fresh in our minds and hearts. Bad move, Mr. Gaultier, bad move.

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Image courtesy of Glamour


  1. This was a tribute to Amy Winehouse
    It doesn't lack taste and courtesy, it is a beautiful celebration of her life.

    1. This is my opinion, don't get me wrong I love JPG and Amy Winehouse, but as I said it is purely my opinion, which my blog is all about.