Real or Fantasy?

Prada has always upheld the underdog position within the luxury fashion world, with their obscure marketing complementing the unique and clean-line aesthetic of the collections. The "Real Fantasies" campaign is back once again, which always manages to comment on how the trends within fashion reflect the rapidity of change in society, and linking it back to the ethos of the collections featured. The Fall/Winter 2013 "Real Fantasies" campaign is a projection of the undeniable bleakness and surprisingly strung-out trends that are becoming nothing but dare I say, boring. The cinematography is derivative of Marc Forster's mind-bending films such as Stay, thus making the bleakness of life as depicted in the campaign contrasting to the eccentric minute details of Prada's Fall/Winter collections. 

Image courtesy of FashionVertigo
Video courtesy of the official Prada Youtube channel

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